About Our Research


We want to know about and better understand the views of youths (13 to 24 years) with developmental and intellectual disability about some important parts of their lives. We want to know about participants’ own experiences and thoughts about these parts of their lives to help people providing services to do that better.

The parts of youths’ lives we want to know about are:

  • Their friendships
  • In what ways they are included (or not included) in their community and how they are involved (or not involved) in their neighbourhood and community
  • In what ways do they feel their life is good and in what ways it is not good

This research is being done by researchers at the University of Toronto and McMaster University, along with members from community organizations and youth and young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

This research is being paid for by The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, which is an organization connected to the government that gives money to help people do research. You can find out more about The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council here.