Youth Perspective: Being a Project Consultant


What have I learned…

By David Conforti, Project Consultant

1) How to handle change and fear

I was unsure about how the project group would work. I was wondering what I would do as part of this group. I felt I probably could not handle this change to my activities. I did not want to participate. It was confusing to me and I felt very nervous. Then I heard Melissa, my parents and others say I would be good in the project. Once I joined I felt comfortable. The others were nice and listened to everyone. What I learned is that change can be good sometimes. It gives me the chance to meet interesting people.

2) Working with others and simple language

I like the idea of helping people understand youth with learning disabilities. I am learning about writing and rewriting questions for surveys. Language is very important, especially when it is clear and easy to understand. Using simple words makes communication less confusing for me.

3)  Learning to be more independent

I’ve learned to carry and use an agenda. I don’t need my parents to remind me about what to do and when. It was hard at first. Then it became easy. This is part of being more independent, being in control and managing my time.

4) Dressing for meetings

I am learning about dressing for meetings. It is important to not dress sloppy. You should dress neatly and care about your appearance. It communicates that I care about how I look. When people are talking it is important to listen and learn.